ScrapperIO is a solution that lets users program recurrent scrapping jobs and get alerted depending on the result of the scrapped content without writing code. It comes with a helper extension that helps the user select the part they want scrape and a UI that lets you manage your scraping jobs.

The project is still a work in progress and is not public at the moment.
Read more in the corresponding blog.

Fake estate agent

The project is a bot that checks for housing in Crous and Arpej residences which are known to be the hardest to get in France, especially in Paris.
The bot notifies with a Discord message whenever new availibilities show up. And for the Crous, which is more challenging to get as housing disappears as soon as it shows up, the bot can book the accomodation automatically.

Read more in the public github repository.

Binance bot

This project is a crypto trading bot. As soon as I got into cryptocurrencies, I started learning about trading strategies and wondered why I've never seen some strategies I thought of. So I decided, with two of my friends, to code a bot that implements those strategies and backtest it on Binance's data for the ETH/USDT market.
The bot performed slightly better than a HODL strategy, and has a lot of room for improvement.

Parts of the Binance backtesting integration will soon be published publicly as a library.

Codeforces to Google calendar

This project is a simple script to add codeforces upcoming contests to your Google calendar. Useful for cross referencing with your own schedule to quickly check when you can participate in an event. However, this was not needed as Codeforces offer the possibility to export contests' calendar. This was either a new feature, or missed from my part when starting the project.

Read more in the public github repository.